Sierra Blanca crowns its “Málaga Tower” with sales reaching 85%

The central building of the Torre del Río development celebrates the hoisting of the flag, marking the completion of its 21 floors. Lamela remarks, “It is the most emblematic project along the entire Spanish coastline, both on the mainland and the islands”.

Yesterday, Sierra Blanca Estates celebrated the hoisting of the flag on the central building of the “Málaga Towers” development, situated on Avenida Pacífico in the Torre del Río area.

This central tower, flanked by two others promoted by Metrovacesa and constructed by Sacyr, has completed construction on its 21 floors, reaching a height of 71 meters.


As is customary, when a building is completed without any accidents occurring during construction, the flag is raised to its highest point. Thus, today, the flags of Málaga, Andalusia, and Spain proudly wave atop this imposing building on the western coastline.

The topping-off of the tower coincides with “success” in sales, as asserted by Sierra Blanca, with a marketing figure of 85% of the residences sold, totaling 69 apartments and two duplex penthouses featuring between one and four bedrooms. Local firm GC Studio has been responsible for the interior design.

Regarding the profile of buyers, the developer asserts that 62% of the owners are Spanish, with 38% being foreign buyers. Among nationalities, British and Polish buyers stand out, comprising 11% and 9% of the total volume, respectively, along with Czech, Dutch, American, and Mexican buyers making up 4%.

When asked about the profile of these future owners, Sierra Blanca CEO Carlos Rodríguez highlighted a significant representation of executives interested in higher floors, investor clients, buyers seeking a second residence, as well as “very young” tech entrepreneurs.

With an investment of 75 million euros, the developer plans to complete the works by June 2023, with a market value of 100 million euros.

A “landmark” project, architect Carlos Lamela, the designer of the “Málaga Towers,” referred to this development as the “most emblematic project along the entire Spanish coastline, both on the mainland and the islands,” and assured it will be “a great example” of vertical urbanism, i.e., tall buildings.

“It is a satisfaction and a pride to be here,” Lamela said, while thanking the Málaga City Council for the “facilities” provided for the project’s development. “Málaga is a special case due to its dynamism, proactivity, and the affection of the city council towards these projects”.

Sierra Blanca founder Pedro Rodríguez noted that the towers are “boosting the regeneration of the entire western area on a large scale and helping to create a new dimension of real estate business in the city”.

Rodríguez highlighted Málaga’s “excellent international reputation,” which, in his opinion, is “making an extraordinary effort to establish itself as a global destination for culture, tourism, and now also residential”.

An advocacy for high-rise buildings, Mayor of Málaga Francisco de la Torre, who attended the event accompanied by Urban Planning Councilor Raúl López and Urban Planning Manager José Cardador, argued in his speech that high-rise buildings are “a good sign of sustainability”.

“These are 70 homes. If this high-rise building did not exist, where would these people looking for quality accommodation be? They would have to be on the coast, in various parts of the province, several kilometers away from the airport, their workplace, or the city’s service offerings”, De la Torre argued during his speech, referencing the existing “debate” in the city regarding vertical urbanism.

“The savings in circulation and, therefore, in CO2 production are obvious. I invite you to see it; Google tells us everything, you can ask it. Entertain yourselves, remember the primary school days, do a little multiplication, and you will see the thousands of tons of CO2 from all that travel,” De la Torre invited, emphasizing the same reflection he made regarding the towers planned on the Repsol lands. “I have no doubt about the positive aspects of high-rise buildings, and what I want is for no one to doubt it and for us to see it in positive terms”.

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