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Over more than 30 years, Sierra Blanca Estates has been building its future legacy by developing the most innovative and outstanding residential projects on the Costa del Sol. With its family and professional roots in this wonderful region of southern Spain, Sierra Blanca Estates has, since its inception and throughout decades of dedication, seen its purpose as promoting the enormous growth potential and lifestyle of this location to an international audience.

Every project we undertake comes with a firm commitment to bring our clients unparalleled luxury in the residential sector. We guarantee that we will create the best possible residential projects in terms of quality, location, innovation, investment value and sustainability.

At Sierra Blanca Estates, we want to be the architects of a transformative vision based on the real and incomparable experience of buying, living in and enjoying a property that, in itself, is an expression of an extraordinary way of life.

The team at Sierra Blanca Estates, headed up by Pedro Rodríguez and his two sons, Luis and Carlos, is proud t0 offer this incredible lifestyle by building the best residential projects in the Mediterranean.

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Our company comprises a professional team who bring the highest levels of expertise and rigour to the luxury property sector. We are a multi-disciplinary team who represent and embody the hallmark of excellence that Sierra Blanca Estates guarantees every one of its clients in every project.

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Our Story

Leaders in the sector.

Our 35 years of experience and dedication to developing luxury homes on the Costa del Sol underpin our position as leaders in the super-prime residential sector.

With an unwavering mission to grow a company whose innovative residential projects have the ability to transform their given location, Sierra Blanca Estates have designed the most exclusive and cutting edge developments of their time and place.

Our roots lie in Sierra Blanca, the “Beverly Hills of Marbella”, where we were the original developers. This neighbourhood is now one of the most exclusive places to live on the Spanish coast. From those early beginnings until today, Sierra Blanca Estates has successfully undertaken large-scale developments of villas and apartments on Marbella’s prestigious Golden Mile, including Lomas de Sierra Blanca, Sierra Blanca del Mar and Reserva de Sierra Blanca, among others.

In 2020, Sierra Blanca Estates further pushed the boundaries in the coast’s luxury residential sector by announcing its latest project, EPIC Marbella furnished by Fendi Casa, the first branded residences development on Europe’s Mediterranean coast.

This would offer a new template for luxury living at the highest level. An exciting project that has confirmed the transformative vision of Sierra Blanca Estates and paved the way for the company’s other landmark buildings, including Sierra Blanca Tower – a development that marks the arrival of Sierra Blanca Estates in the city of Malaga, and the company’s first luxury high-rise scheme. The tower has become a new reference point on the Costa del Sol and redefined the Malaga skyline.

And then there is Karl Lagerfeld Villas Marbella, the world’s first branded residences by the godfather of fashion. These five villas are five unique architectural works of art, each a representation of the creative genius of the iconic designer.