Real Estate Investment

After 34 years at the forefront of the luxury residential sector, Sierra Blanca Estates knows the rules of the real estate investment market well.

The passage of time and the different socio-economic scenarios show that the high standards of quality, a good location and the prospects of revaluation that major international fashion brands bring to branded residences are guarantees that ensure that an investment in luxury real estate becomes a real economic opportunity perpetual over time.

Design Hills Marbella 202408 Majorica Terrace Sierra Blanca Estates. Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana, a new luxury real estate development by Sierra Blanca Estates. Exclusive homes in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

Why to invest in luxury homes in Marbella and Malaga

Its climate, quality of life and exclusivity have positioned Marbella and Málaga as two of the most sought-after areas in the global luxury residential market.  The homes of Sierra Blanca Estates combine perfectly with these privileged values, adding the highest standards of comfort, design and modernity too. Of all the luxury real estate developments on the Costa del Sol, Sierra Blanca Estates brings additional value and distinguishes itself from other real estate investment opportunities by elevating the status of luxury with a leading project in the heart of the Mediterranean coast.

Branded residences

As a leading developer of branded residences (link to Branded residences), Sierra Blanca Estates offers an innovative concept of luxury.

The residences, which feature the best world class amenities, are imbued with the essence and creative talent of the world’s leading fashion designers, together with the experience of a leading company in the luxury residential market.

And the result could not be other than an incomparable luxury experience, lived in a property of exceptional quality.

Sierra Blanca Tower development. Discover Sierra Blanca Tower, a new luxury real estate development by Sierra Blanca Estates. Exclusive homes in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.
EPIC Marbella furnished by Fendi CASA development. Discover EPIC Marbella furnished by Fendi CASA, a new luxury real estate development by Sierra Blanca Estates. Exclusive homes in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

Current luxury developments

Each of the esteemed properties of Sierra Blanca Estates has its own unique essence and an unmistakable hallmark of identity.

Based on the dynamic evolution of investment in luxury residences, different projects has been meticulously crafted to satiate the diverse palette of discerning tastes.

Besides, they always share three characteristics: quality, exclusivity and innovation.


With Epic Marbella comes the first project in Spain with FENDI CASA, the world’s leading high-end design group.

These high-end homes, located in the heart of Marbella’s Golden Mile, feature open spaces and a huge variety of amenities to suit all requirements and styles.

The Epic complex has all the necessary characteristics to become a totally new luxury concept never seen before in the luxury real estate market: the only residential project with the services and attention of a Grand Luxury hotel.


The Sierra Blanca Tower building, located in Malaga, is not only luxury housing, but also an epicentre of business, culture, commerce, science and social development. Now, the skyline of the city includes this tower facing the sea, with all kinds of facilities and services included.

The actor Antonio Banderas is the ambassador for this beachfront residential complex, which encourages the enjoyment of comfort and good living in one of the capital cities of sun and good weather.


Karl Lagerfeld Villas are five luxury villas on the Mediterranean coast of Marbella and the world’s first residential plan by the fashion designer, KARL LAGERFELD.

This innovative project in the heart of Marbella’s Golden Mile promises to become the most exclusive and chic residential complex in the real estate market: are five unique villas in the world, impregnated with the style and character of the famous designer, making them unrepeatable jewels.

The quality of the homes, their privacy and sustainable architectural design make them the perfect match for luxury real estate investment.

Exclusive residences for unique experiences:
An investment for the future

Exciting projects with even better results, as well as being pioneering and trend-setting in our sector: the market for high-end real estate is rising with the luxury homes of Sierra Blanca Estates. Projects that encompass all the requirements that were previously known in the luxury property investment market and succeed in adding values of innovation, sustainability and new concepts of architectural design. Sierra Blanca Estates strives for the utmost excellence, seeking to innovate and go beyond to raise the concept of luxury to a level you never knew before. All this, in privileged locations in Malaga and Marbella, and in the heart of Costa del Sol. A unique opportunity and a guaranteed investment for the future, taking luxury to a new level never experienced before.

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