Sierra Blanca Estates

The true luxury

Sierra Blanca Estates bring 34 years of experience and a reputation for excellence to the luxury residential sector. The pillars of their business – being scrupulously hands-on with every element of their projects, leading the field in innovative design, developing in super-prime locations and delivering the highest quality – ensure they provide the last word in luxury homes for their clients.


Each of our projects has a distinct personality but they share one common feature: our guarantee to deliver the highest quality homes.   


We build beautiful big homes with room to breathe, using materials and creating finishes imbued with authentic character.


We provide amenities and services designed to give you the best quality of life. 


This is what we are proud to do, including in our current developments: Desigh Hills Dolce&Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld Villas Marbella, Epic Marbella furnished by FENDI CASA, and Sierra Blanca Tower.

Branded Residences

The most refined and authentic residential experience, never seen before on the Costa del Sol. Prestigious international brands have poured their soul and creative talents into luxury developments to create a liveable expression of their DNA. These residences bring to life the concept of true luxury through outstanding design and an exclusive lifestyle offering for buyers in one of the most sought-after locations on the coast.


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