Design Hills Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce&Gabbana—the master artisans of Italian ‘Fatto a Mano’—exhibit extraordinary craftsmanship on a global level, standing out for their unmatched excellence in every project they undertake.

In collaboration with Sierra Blanca Estates, Dolce&Gabbana presents Design Hills – a unique universe in itself – a select collection of lifestyle-focused residential and amenity designs that embrace the concept of living well.

Epic Marbella furnished by Fendi Casa

Epic Marbella is the first project in Europe in cooperation with FENDI CASA. Located on the Golden Mile of Marbella, it is a private complex of high-end homes in open spaces and with a large quantity and quality of services that satisfy all demands.

Epic Marbella is a new concept of luxury residences that stands out above everything that exists to date in the city.

Karl Lagerfeld Villas Marbella

Karl Lagerfeld Villas Marbella, the first and only residential project in the world signed by the creative genius of Karl Lagerfeld.

Five exclusive villas that are destined to be the most envied and coveted residences on the planet.

Five pioneering and sustainable works of architectural art.

Sierra Blanca Tower

Sierra Blanca Tower is a unique project in Malaga, a city that is becoming a generating center of ideas, culture, commerce, science, productivity and social development.

One of the three luxury towers that will create the city skyline, with all services included. A place where you can live a life well lived in front of the sea and that has our great actor Antonio Banderas as ambassador.

Branded Residences

The most refined and authentic residential experience ever developed. Prestigious international firms pour their creative soul and talent into giving life to residential projects that are an expression of themselves.

The materialization of the true concept of luxury made a reality by through the quality, design and experience that comes with acquiring a home located in the best residential areas of the Costa del Sol.

Learn about the history of Sierra Blanca Estates

Sierra Blanca Estates has more than thirty years of professional experience leading the luxury residential market on the Costa del Sol.

Their countless projects, identified by a formula that combines dedication, innovation, design, location and quality, have enormous transformative value for the area in which they have come to life and are already the past, present and future of a region called to mark a before and after as the best residential destination internationally, in terms of quality of life and exclusivity.



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