LUXURY VILLAS in marbella

Located in the heart of Costa del Sol, Marbella has become a unique destination and one of the most coveted among good life lovers. Its unbeatable weather, beaches and ambience are just some of the attributes that make it the perfect place to invest in a luxury residence.

And, as pioneers of luxury real estate, Sierra Blanca Estates has taken into account each of the needs and tastes of the market when designing its residential projects in Marbella. If you discover its exclusive villas, located in the best areas, you will enter into a new range of luxury status that stands apart from anything else that has existed in the city to date.

VILLAS IN Marbella

The luxury villas in Marbella of Sierra Blanca Estates have the unmistakable character and personality of the brand. Privileged surroundings, exclusive materials and avant-garde design: these are the hallmarks of each of the homes at Sierra Blanca Estates. In addition to the above, the best world class amenities, the result is an unprecedented luxury experience in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

Highest quality homes

Sierra Blanca Estates, with more than three decades of experience in the luxury real estate market, comes with a totally innovative proposal, the branded residences. This concept manages to combine the best virtues of traditional luxury with the avant-garde, transforming the brand’s homes into the best current investment opportunities.

Sierra Blanca Estates’ Marbella complexes are spaces imbued with the essence and creative talent of some of the world’s most renowned designers. They are synonymous with luxury residences and unique villas where you can enjoy exclusive experiences of the highest standing.

Luxury Conscious Living: Sierra Blanca Estates' commitment to the sustainability of true luxury through its projects Villa Sierra Blanca and Karl Lagerfeld Villas Marbella. It’s something of a paradox in the world of luxury property, but when it comes to sustainability, the less you notice it, the better it is.

Luxury Villas for sale in Marbella

Over the years, Sierra Blanca Estates has been developing and refining its projects according to the needs and new investment trends in luxury homes. Combined with extensive professional experience and expertise, the finest materials and a pioneering vision, the result are residential complexes of exceptional characteristics. Of all the luxury villas in Marbella, those of Sierra Blanca Estates stand out for taking luxury to the next level. Each of the homes is unique and has been designed with care to ensure that every detail meets the highest standards and demands of the market.


Epic Marbella luxury villas are the first complex in Spain designed in collaboration with FENDI CASA. This project with one of the world’s leading high-end design groups offers exclusive villas, located in the heart of Marbella’s Golden Mile. The homes have open spaces and a wide variety of services designed to satisfy every need of its residents. Epic is, without a doubt, a totally innovative concept in luxury: the only residential project with the services and attention of a Grand Luxury hotel.


Sierra Blanca Estates presents the Karl Lagerfeld Villas complex with five luxury villas in Marbella. This residential plan is pioneering, as the design of the homes has been carried out in collaboration with the renowned fashion brand: KARL LAGERFELD. Located in one of the best areas of Marbella, its Golden Mile, the projection of these residences could not be other than to become the most exclusive and chic real estate opportunity in the market. The quality of its materials, the care for the privacy of its residents and its architectural plan based on sustainability make them a unique and incomparable jewel.

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