Skyscrapers of Andalusia

High-rise constructions, while not widely prevalent in Andalusia to date, are soon to see new examples emerge in the region. The city of Malaga stands as the primary beneficiary, where five skyscrapers will soon grace the Costa del Sol skyline.

The latest milestone has been achieved by the Sierra Blanca Tower, one of the three towers within the Málaga Towers complex in the capital. This project, bearing the signature of architect Carlos Lamela, has recently celebrated reaching its maximum height of 71 meters with the construction of its final floor, the 21st. It marks the first residential vertical architecture project developed by the Marbella-based developer, Sierra Blanca Estates, and constructed by Sacyr. The interior design has been crafted by the local studio, GC Studio.


With an investment nearing 75 million euros, the developer anticipates that the tower will be unveiled in June 2023 and attain a market value of 100 million euros, a forecast reinforced not only by the brisk pace of transactions (with over 80% sold) but also by the figures achieved, notably the joint acquisition of the two residences on the 18th floor for 8 million euros, which raises the average price to 1.3 million euros.

Pedro Rodríguez, president and founder of the real estate firm Sierra Blanca Estates, asserts to EXPANSIÓN that the completion of “the tower, as part of the Málaga Towers project, signifies that Málaga has embraced modernity, opting for new, more sustainable, and higher-quality architecture. This not only enhances the city’s real estate market but also meets the urban need for high-quality apartments, both in design and in materials, facilities, and shared services.”

The Sierra Blanca Tower, a component of Málaga Towers, adds its 71-meter height to the roster of the tallest buildings in Andalusia. For architect Carlos Lamela, it represents “one of the most significant projects on the Spanish coast, a commitment to architecture harmoniously integrated into its urban environment, a project that will endure for centuries and become the city’s emblem. It has been an enormous challenge for us, and I am very proud to have had the trust of Sierra Blanca and Metrovacesa.” Metrovacesa is the developer of the other two towers, with sales progressing excellently, and their completion scheduled for late 2023 and 2025, respectively.

Additionally, AQ Acentor will transform the city skyline of Málaga with the AQ Urban Sky towers, expected to be delivered by the end of 2023. Edgar Caridad, commercial and marketing director of the company, assures that the development is “on track to become an icon of Málaga. It has reshaped the city’s skyline, boosted the Martiricos neighborhood, and added a volume of high-quality homes across a wide price range. The market, both nationally and internationally, is responding with extraordinary sales levels”.

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