The Malaga football player Isco, wins one of the lives of Picasso Towers

The Malaga football player Francisco Román Alarcón, more than known as Isco, who currently plays as a center in Real Madrid and is absolutely international with the Spanish selection, has acquired one of the lives of Picasso Towers, the luxury residential complex that was built in the area of Torre del Río in the capital of Malaga.

The judge said that “I think that it is a very interesting project in its context of its publication, design and specifications”. Isco has demonstrated your satisfaction and ensures that we do not know about other similar projects in Malaga. It is safe to say that “because of the climate, the rise of the city as well as the cultural level of nautical tourism and in general, can be a great international attraction”.

Sierra Blanca Estates and Metrovacs are its promoters that have led to the implementation of this project and in the opinion of Isco, “this is an endorsement of its experience and solidity in the national and international environment”. Therefore, you can confirm with the guarantee of the Studio Lamela with many years of experience.

The judge has mainly valued his strategic situation, it is very important to the airport, schools, beaches, sports areas and the sea. In his opinion “this is the creed of the demand for this type of life with these conditions and each person should be valued by this misma , at medium or large square, it can be a good inversion”.

The exclusive services of Picasso Towers, are an important demand for personalities from the world of business, elite athletes, directors of large technology companies or celebrities of the international panorama, with a high level of demand and the need to be connected to the world. All of them are of great value to the services that Picasso Towers offers such as security, coworking, gym, community spaces, ludoteca, spa, swimming pool, private cinema room, air conditioning.

On the other hand, Picasso Towers is going to be converted into the first cardioprotected residential building in Spain where there is also a demand for possible security compromises. Contará con 18 desfibriladores distribuidos en los sótanos, rellano de scalera de oficinas y solárium. You will also be informed of the exclusive use of owners with medical attention services, and those selected among the residents will receive specific training for the correct use of the defibrillators.

About Picasso Towers

Metrovacesa, the leading real estate developer in Spain, together with Sierra Blanca Estates, the leading company in the promotion of luxury homes in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, has initiated the construction projects of Picasso Towers, one of the most important urban projects for the city of Málaga in the present day. Located in the surroundings of Torre del Rio, it occupied a total surface area of 86,963m2 and was formed for three residential buildings of 21 plants that configured a new urban landscape and provided visibility to the city’s skyline on its western coast.

Together, the accommodation project will have a total of 213 large living areas, between 132m2 and 404m2, which will have ample terraces with views to the Malaga coast. As well, located in the municipal areas of Picasso Towers which have three swimming pools, air conditioning and exteriors, spa, gym, private cinema room, entertainment and coworking area. For better management and delivery of all these services that include the whole package, the promotors will launch a specific APP for this project, in the brand of its support for innovation and the provision of value added to its customers. Every day there is a room with 75 great experiences and it is anticipated that the first experiences will begin in the 2021 finals.

This is the request for the urban development of Málaga, which has contacted its beginnings with the compromise and the decision by the City Council, will require a total investment of 225 million euros for the city and will generate more than 1,500 direct and indirect employees.

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Established at the end of 2022, the Sierra Blanca Foundation was created with the aim of giving substance to the vocation for corporate social responsibility that Sierra Blanca Estates has traditionally developed by participating as an active member in support of solidarity and promotion projects in the region. An initiative that puts the finishing touch to the active social participation and philanthropic spirit of its managers, the couple formed by Pedro and Nidia Rodríguez.

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