Sierra Blanca Estates is positioned as the main luxury promoter on the Costa del Sol

Sierra Blanca Estates, renews its image based on trust, experience and vision of the future with two large projects that are already a reality and that position it as one of the main promoters of luxury in the south of Spain.

Sierra Blanca Estates is a family business run by Pedro Rodríguez and his two sons Luis and Carlos Rodríguez. Together with a great team of professionals, they focus their efforts on these two large apartment projects that are being built, in Marbella, EPIC Marbella furnished by FENDI CASA and in Málaga PICASSO TOWERS.

Sierra Blanca Estates has a great business history with 34 years of experience and impeccable reputation and is always at the forefront of the luxury residential sector. From day one, its philosophy and vision have been and continue to be to build top quality projects, such as the Sierra Blanca Urbanization and apartments that are consistently revalued due to their location, design and quality.

Based on this philosophy, they develop these two great projects convinced of the extraordinary moment that the Costa del Sol is going through, an international claim for its climate, lifestyle and cultural and economic development that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. For all these reasons, Sierra Blanca Estates focuses on these two large luxury projects, with the best qualities and the guarantee offered by its history, years of experience and knowledge of the market.


Picasso Towers: Picasso Towers is a unique project in Malaga, a city that is becoming a generating center of ideas, culture, commerce, science, productivity and social development. Three luxury towers that will create the city skyline, with all services included. The promotion has the best possible ambassador, the great actor Antonio Banderas who shares with Sierra Blanca Estates his same vision of development of the city, the well-being and value of the city of Malaga as a nerve center for it to be chosen by large investors and managers of the world as a place to live.

Epic Marbella: It is the first project in Europe in cooperation with FENDI CASA. Located on the golden mile of Marbella, it is a private complex of high-end homes in open spaces and with a large quantity and quality of services that satisfy all demands. EPIC Marbella is a new concept of residences that offers a “Country Club Lifestyle”.

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