The Importance of Common Areas in Residential Projects

The current concept of a house goes far beyond the four walls that define it. In recent years, countless common areas have been integrated into residential projects, either to save time and money or peace of mind and security in the future.

The global pandemic we are experiencing has also made common areas even more important, because, with the impossibility of access to various services, having services at hand could really make a difference.

Nowadays, having common areas in residential projects is crucial, and here, at Sierra Blanca Estates, we do our best to offer the best common areas and qualities to meet the demands of all our customers. In our company we always seek to innovate and adapt to the needs of the market, bringing our touch of modernity and innovation. For us, La Costa del Sol is a vital coast in the real estate sector of Spain, and we want it to offer the best possible residential services.  


Buyers in Marbella have very high needs to which no residential project has been able to respond, for this reason, we wanted to develop projects with services similar to a 5-star hotel to offer the style and quality of life of a great resort.

It all started with the dream of offering unique residential projects in Spain with extraordinary common areas, and we have achieved it with 2 iconic residential projects: EPIC Marbella furnished by Fendi Casa and Sierra Blanca Tower, the central tower of Malaga Towers. These two exclusive projects will offer their residents incredible services and facilities such as a sports centre, spa, heated pools and gardens, social club, co-working areas, and concierge services.


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